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Immersive & Unrestricted Music Making

Being a virtuos musician requires availability of offers and lots of dedication, normally since an early age. Not all people had these conditions in their life or either want to make music with such professional level of exigency.


We believe that everyone can develop musicality - we all have some musical talent and the exact measure of it is in the pleasure that each one feels, when making music, alone or in a group.


Convinced of this, our team has always sought solutions to offer a democratic, broad and unrestricted access for all interested people on making music!


Our Story

Our first initiative took place at the end of the 1980's, with the MAaV publication. In the following decade, numerous music projects were carried out by our team under CDG researchings.


From the new millennium onwards, we developed projects for teacher training, employing the important technological advances in communication and information of the period. And, subsequently, we carried out many scientific researchs with the obtained results from this experience.

After four decades of intense work, the accumulated knowledge and experience allowed us to reach this point - Sibilim represents sufficient maturity and willingness to offer a dynamic solution of instrumental supports to people who want to sing and play along.


It is addressed to professionals and amateurs, music teachers and students, for moments of entertainment and expansion of musicality, with no other pretensions, but to be happy, through Music.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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